Opening the safety closure


1. Place the double magnet of the magnetic key on the center of the lock.

2. Gently squeeze the latch lengthways on both sides (audible click).

3. Remove the magnetic key to avoid overstressing the lock.

4. Pull the lock apart.

5. If the magnetic key gets stuck on the metal plate, the magnet must be removed as carefully as possible. The magnet must never be pulled up, as this exerts a very high leverage effect on the holding mechanism. The mechanism can be damaged or torn off.


Closing the safety closure


1. Insert the locking hook with the metal plate into the locking socket.

2. Squeeze the clasp until you hear a click


Change bracelet length


1. Open the safety lock.

2. Slide the open end of the leather strap / medi bracelet out of the fastener and adjust the leather strap to the desired length.

3. Then pull the open end of the tape so that the tape no longer forms a loop on the fastener.


Change bracelet


1. Open the safety lock and remove the old bracelet.

2. Thread the new bracelet into the tabs of the transponder.

3. Slide the bracelet into the bottom of the clasp (see illustration below).

4. Bend the bracelet and thread it back into the upper slot (see illustration below). Note the insertion angle of approx. 30 °.

5. Check and adjust the length of the strap on the resident's arm.





Both the leather strap and the medi bracelet can be cleaned with a commercially available disinfection spray.

However, the leather straps have to be exchanged when the resident changes, as these straps can become leached and brittle by the disinfection.


Health warning


For people or residents with a pacemaker, make sure that a safety distance of at least 0.5 m between the magnetic key and the pacemaker is maintained. It is recommended to remove the transponder with an outstretched arm, as the function of pacemakers can be influenced by magnets.



Status: October 2020